As part of our commitment to protect the environment and promote good recycling practices, the MCIA Education Department delivers free recycling presentations to schools, civic and business organizations, senior citizen clubs and other groups.

We have several presentations that can be modified to meet the expectations of any group. All of the presentations involve M.C. Blue©, the fully recyclable recycling robot, who is accompanied by an MCIA representative.


M.C. Blue Robot

Catch The Blue Wave with M.C. Blue©
M.C. Blue© is the nation’s first fully recyclable recycling robot. Accompanied by a member of the MCIA staff, M.C. Blue© explains the importance of recycling through songs and audience participation.

We now have the latest version of M.C. Blue with audio and video presentation capabilities, and all our programming has been updated.  New shows are available, too.


M.C. Blue is a feisty robot who is dedicated to teaching good recycling practices.  He loves to present all the recycling facts, but at the same time, he can jump into a rap song about recycling or saving energy (he becomes M.C. Green when talking about energy).  Programs are a nice balance of education and entertainment, and all shows are geared to specific age groups.




 “Planet Beauty” – MC Blue in his surfer dude personality rides in on the “Big Blue Wave” and talks about his own planet, where recycling rules.  MC Blue gets 6 helpers from the audience to help play his especially cool game show, Green Trivia, that teaches the kids about how we recycle bottles, cans, newspapers and mixed papers.  At the show’s climax MC Blue presents a reggae song, Catch the Blue Wave, to inspire the audience to help keep Mother Earth beautiful. (Appropriate for Pre K – grade 2)


“Recycle it or Not” – MC Blue teaches students about what materials we recycle here in Middlesex County.  He rolls into your classroom or auditorium with a very cool rap song, and the rap song’s chorus reminds us that MC Blue is a fully recycled mechanical boy.  Through pictures and video the children will see the how paper, plastic, glass and aluminum cans get recycled. They will see and hear what happens to the materials after they are picked up from the curb and how they can become something new.  MC Blue quizzes the children by naming an object and asking them whether or not it gets recycled.  The show ends with another lively rap. (2 versions of this show are available one appropriate for Pre K – grade 2 and the other for grades 3 - 6)


“Recycling Trivia Challenge” – MC Blue tests your knowledge of what is recyclable and how to recycle.  Educational and fun, this multiple choice Middlesex County Recycling Trivia Challenge teaches students about recycling bottles, cans and paper and also about the importance of recycling grass, paint, tires and computers (2 versions of this show are available one appropriate for grades 3 – 6 and the other for older children and adults).


“Recycling Show & Tell” – MC Blue offers a hands-on explanation of the recycling process. A chance to see and touch useful items made from recycled materials. As MC Blue shows students different items he gives a detailed explanation including videos and still photos showing how items are transformed from something that we recycle at the curb to something new that we can use. (Appropriate for grade 3 and up, but fun for adults too)


“Energy:  Less is More” – MC Blue has transformed himself into MC Green and talks to the audience about living greener, conserving energy and making the earth a healthier place.  MC Green explains how burning fossil fuels has changed the climate by putting too much CO2 into the atmosphere.  MC Green encourages kids to use less energy and reduce their carbon footprint.  Not to be outdone by MC Blue, MC Green does some rapping and rhyming all about saving energy. (Appropriate for grades 3 – 6)


“Recycling and the Landfill” – MC Blue explains how recycling impacts our own Middlesex County landfill and our environment.  MC Blue provides the audience with interesting details, facts and statistics about how the landfill is operated with accompanying photos of landfill operations.  It’s everything you want to know about solid waste and the environment.  He shows us how recycling will help to extend the life of our landfill. (Appropriate for high school students and adult groups.)


MCIA representatives are available to speak on a variety of recycling-related topic.  We will customize a presentation to meet the needs and expectations of your group.

The MCIA offers a recycling education booth for County and municipal events as well as corporate and nonprofit health fairs. The booth is free and is staffed by MCIA representatives. M.C. Blue© often makes an appearance.

Reservations for presentations and/or the booth must be made in advance, in writing. Bookings are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For information or reservations:
Call the MCIA Education Office at (609) 409-5033, or e-mail